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  • A VOICE COMING FROM THEN is Jeremy Dixon’s first full-length poetry collection. It won the Wales Book of the Year Poetry Award 2022 and was published by Arachne Press in 2021. Here’s your chance to buy a copy of A VOICE COMING FROM THEN direct from the author. Jeremy will sign the book for you and if you would like a specific dedication, please write the details in the notes box on the check-out page. FREE UK P&P!


    CONTENT WARNING – some of the poems in this book deal with themes and expressions of physical and verbal bullying, swearing, homophobia, homophobic language, queerphobia, attempted suicide and suicide.


    “On Wednesday 13 June 1979, three months after my 15th birthday, I waited until dad drove mum into Cardiff for her night-shift as a Staff Nurse then went into the kitchen and stole the Paracetamol tablets she stored under the sink. After taking them I fell asleep on the sofa in my bedroom. I woke up suddenly at about 2am and proceeded to vomit for the next six hours, which is probably why I am still alive today. I see A VOICE COMING FROM THEN as the note that at the time I didn’t understand myself enough to write.”


    “… a wonderful mix of truth, tragedy, and triumph. Life is terrible and also it is beautiful. A Voice Coming From Then is also a voice for now, in this sense, and I highly recommend it.” – Buzz Magazine.


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