“Treading the line between wry absurdism & abject despair, IN RETAIL is like reading anthropological field-notes from what should be an alien world but is, unfortunately, our own.” Poetry Book Society

IN RETAIL is Jeremy Dixon’s debut collection, published by Arachne Press in 2019.


While working in a well-known pharmacy chain, Jeremy found surprising inspiration. His poems were written on the ends of till rolls and smuggled out in his socks. Anyone who has ever worked in retail will recognise the characters and situations, and the management-speak absurdities; but Jeremy also brings his perspective as a queer writer to bear, with witty and wicked results. Nominated for the Not The Forward Prize 2019.

“This is a customer announcement:
Would a member of Beauty go to hell.

This is a customer announcement:
Put that back exactly where you found it.

This is a customer announcement:
La la la. La la la la la. La la la. La la la la la.

This is a customer announcement:
Don’t you have anything else better to do?”

from: 00/10
(you can watch Jeremy reading this and other IN RETAIL poems on the Hazard Press Poetry Youtube channel)